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        pany. These authorityfigures never saw the way one of us could do something outrageous, and the restof us would joke about it for days. We could have fun doing absolutely nothingat all―becausethe (1)_______ we provided each other with was enough. Rather than discussingoperas, Lewinsky, or the weather, we enjoyed just (2)_______ each other withoutany one of us trying to outsmart the others. Still, I realize that these adultshad a(3)_______ to be concerned about the direction my friends were(4)_______;I also was concerned for them, but I wasn't about to (5)_______ them.

        Many times I would advise my friends that some activitymay be (6)_______ or to think things through before doing something, but Iwould never claim to hold the moral high ground and to condescend to them. WhenMarvin would begin rolling joints, when Alisa would tell me she skipped schoolbecause of a hangover, or when Merriam would tell me that her new boyfriend wasin a street gang, I expressed my discomfort with their (7)_______. However, Inever (8)_______ them with the threat of taking my friendship away. Contrary tothe commercials on television, you can have (9)______ who use drugs. In fact,probably everyone does without (10)______ it.

        1. A. gift B. present C. company D. friendship

        2. A. hanging around B. learning from C. communicatingwith D. joining in

        3. A. prejudice B. point C. suggestion D. situation

        4. A. giving B. coming C. heading D. facing

        5. A. ignore B. upset C. blame D. leave

        6. A. crazy B. dangerous C. boring D. important

        7. A. action B. lessons C. words D. thoughts

        8. A. force B. threaten C. persuade D. cheat

        9. A. friends B. girlfriends C. classmates D. brothers

        10. A. hearing B. recognizing C. realizing D. knowing




        base on 在……的基礎上

        provided sb. with sth. 給某人提供某物

        be concerned about 關心

        hang around 閑蕩


        1. C 由首句可知,只要我們在一起(company) 就已經足夠了

        2. A 由上下文可知,大家只是享受那份閑來蕩去(hang around)的愜意。

        3. B 由其后作定語的不定式短語可知

        4. C 因direction 后是定語從句,所以要填表示“朝著某個方向行進”的heading。

        5. D 從下文可看出,不管朋友有什么樣的表現,我都不會和他們絕交(leave them)

        6. B 由前文的“提醒(advise)”和后文“三思而后行”可知,有些活動是“危險”的。

        7. A 指上文列舉的“吸大麻”、“逃學”、“交街上小混混做男友”等之類的不良“行為”。

        8. B 由語境可知,是用絕交來“威脅”他們。

        9. A 指任何人都有可能有不良行為的“朋友”。

        10. C 由前句可知本句意為每個人都有這類朋友,只是沒“意識到”而已。




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